Minimum Upload Resolution

Images should be 2500px by 2000px (landscape) or 2000px by 2500px (portrait). Filesize should be at leas 5MB per image. Photos shot on a phone should be 12MP or higher.

Content Types

Currently we accept original photos. We do not accept composite (collage) images, screenshots, video game captures, digital designs, or non-photographic content.

Disability Is Beautiful Quality Standards

We don’t accept unclear photos or where subjects have an unintentionally blurry focus, photos with a low-resolution, photos with lots of noise or artifacting, selfies, or photos that do not relate to the subject of disability. Images should be of professional quality and have a clear subject and vision. Photos taken on a phone may be accepted as long as they meet other submission criteria.

Editing Style

We encourage clean, minimal edits on images. Skin retouching is up to artistic interpretation and not required. 

Here are the types of effects/edits we likely won't publish:
• Overly saturated
• Overly sharpened
• Soft focus effect
• Heavy vignette effect
• Images in black and white with a single color pulled out
• Frame borders, text/graphic overlays, or watermarks

Prohibited Content

Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to, any image that is unlawful, defamatory, libelous, objectionable, profane, indecent, containing nudity or sexualized imagery, harassing, threatening, hateful, spamming, or otherwise deemed inappropriate in nature. Disability Is Beautiful reserves the right to remove content deemed inappropriate without question and could result in banning of user account at our discretion.

Photographer Agreement

By uploading content to the site, photographers agree to the following:

✓ I have written photographic releases and permission from all models/guardians of models in this image before uploading.*

✓ I have written permission from all models/guardians of models to convey the specific subject matter of the photo (such as disabilities and diagnoses) before uploading.*

✓ I am choosing to release the uploaded photo to Disability Is Beautiful under a Creative Commons 0 license ("No Rights Reserved") and Disability Is Beautiful License.

✓ I grant Disability Is Beautiful perpetual use of this uploaded photo for promotional purposes, including (but not limited to) social media marketing, print advertising, online banners, and email marketing.

✓ I retain original copyright to the uploaded photo (provided you are the original copyright holder) and am responsible for maintaining my rights as such and do not hold Disability Is Beautiful responsible for pursuing copyright claims on my behalf.

✓ I may remove my photo from the Disability Is Beautiful service at any time to prevent further downloads, but the ongoing use of this photo cannot be revoked, per the Creative Commons 0 license.

Examples of Great Content for Disability is Beautiful

Our purpose is to create something that is empowering, comprehensive, and representative of all disabilities.

Here you'll find some examples of exceptional images in some different potential categories.

You'll have the opportunity to tag content you share to help others find it, but we always want to hear more from the community on ways to improve. (Contact us here!)
Man with glasses smiling
Mom with daughter eating breakfast
Two people hugging
Friendship & Social Life
Man and woman doing boxing training
Athletics & Fitness
Man in shirt and tie facing cash register opposite man in wheelchair with food
Employment & Assistive Devices
Person using braille to read
Assistive Technology & Devices
Letters arranged to spell
Ideas & Concepts
Man signing
Two women in wheelchairs with serious expressions
Man and woman participating in a church service
Faith & Religious Expressions

Examples of Not Great Content for Disability is Beautiful

Certain types of content may not be a perfect fit for what we're trying to accomplish. In order to help guide toward the best-possible results, here are examples of images that may not meet our community's standards.
Woman hold lightbulb filled with light strand
Great Photo, But Off-Topic
Low-resolution photo of man leaning on father
Man in wheelchair looking down at ground
Negative View of Disability
Because beauty belongs to everyone.
Disability Is Beautiful aims to highlight the beauty in every person by sharing the best free stock images provided by the disability community. You can download and license these photos for free.
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